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Started in 2008,  the President, Matt  Topas, saw an ideal opportunity to help build energy  independence through renewable fuels.  He had been working as an IT  consultant for 25 years when he researched the market looking for ways  to solve problems with restaurants having their used cooking oil picked  up on time and avoiding discharge into the sewer system.  He discovered  that through a unique chemical process, waste fryer oil can be converted  into biodiesel fuel that can be run in any diesel engine.  Since then,  the company has expanded its services to include pumping grease traps  and cleaning hoods.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers who enjoy  our on-time scheduled service and rebate for oil program.  Our territory  covers the Baltimore, DC, Annapolis, Frederick,  Maryland metro areas  as well as Northern Virginia and the Eastern shore of MD.   


Waste Cooking Oil Collection Service

 Our first step in meeting with you is to  assess your used cooking oil discharge rate.  Based on your rate, we  set up a container for your use and a schedule that ensures that you  have more than ample capacity within your scheduled pick up times to  discharge your waste fryer oil without ever having to call us!  Occasionally some locations will exceed their expectations and we will  adjust our schedule or capacity for the increased usage.  Our team  periodically will study your discharge usage and make efficiency  improvements as necessary.   

Grease Trap Pumping Service

 Our first step is a site visit to  determine your trap size, access and any pertinent details that will  help us better prepare to service your location.  We also determine if  there are any local regulations such as county receipts that you will  need.  We provide superior grease trap cleanouts at a very competive  price.  Our staff are trained to pump, clean and deoderize your kitchen  traps.  We also will snake your impeded flow from the sink to  the kitchen trap.  We pump inteceptors up to 2500 gallons in size.  

Hood Cleaning Service

 We generally have a technician determine  the size and complexity of your hood system and the unique requirements  of the job.  We establish a time-frame that will least interfere with  your operation.  We clean kitchen hoods with a thorough approach that  ensures that your ducts, hood and filters are spic and span and will  meet the rigid inspection requirements of health departments.  Our staff  is thorough and leave everything clean and in place.  We also offer  filter swaps on a periodic basis depending on your location's proximity  to our service depot.   

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