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Service Needed

We offer the following waste removal & disposal services:

Sustainable Disposal of Your Used Cooking Oil

We offer a scheduled service tailored to your rate of
disposal of used cooking oil. Using a fill rate algorithm,
we are able to provide you with the appropriate oil
storage container and ensure regular disposal - always
on time, so you never have to call. By becoming our
partner in renewable energy production, we are able to
pay you for your used cooking oil and convert it into
biodiesel fuel.

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Earn Money for Your Waste Oils

We offer used cooking oil pickup, completely free of charge! We provide the containers and pay you for your oil. In order to maintain our partnership, we require the oil to be purely plant based and be stored at room temperature. Make sure you are only disposing of used cooking oil in the bins we provide!

Leave the Hassle of Cleaning to Us

Whether it's disposing of used cooking oil, cleaning your grease traps, or anything in between - Atlantic BioFuels is your one-stop shop for all things grease in your commercial kitchen!

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