Keep Your Kitchen Grease Traps Clean

A kitchen grease trap is a drain or waste pipe that prevents grease from passing into the sewer system. Because it catches waste, it can build up over time and overflow into your pipes, blocking the fluid from exiting to the sewer line. At Atlantic BioFuels, we provide affordable and reliable grease trap cleaning services, custom-tailored based on your commercial kitchen's discharge rate of fat, oil, and grease!

Our technicians are specially trained to pump, clean, and deodorize our kitchen traps, up to 100 gallons! Need your grease gone? Call us today!”

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Reliable and Comprehensive Trap Cleanout

Atlantic BioFuels has a thorough process for effectively and reliably cleaning your kitchen grease traps. Also, grease trap pumping requires heavy-duty vacuum equipment, which we operate to clean your grease traps!

First, we will perform a site visit to determine your trap size, access, and any pertinent details that will help us prepare for the service. The staff also determines if there are local regulations, such as county receipts, that you will need for a trap cleanout.

Leave Grease Trap Maintenance to Us

Maintaining your kitchen grease traps is a nasty job - and quite frankly, it stinks! Many kitchen workers detest cleaning traps, and it is often not done thoroughly enough, leaving behind lingering odors. Let our skilled technicians do the dirty work for you!

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