Waste Oil Collections

Using a state-of-the-art algorithm, we analyze your restaurant's waste oil discharge rate, allowing us to provide you with service before you fill up! We work with you to establish the proper container size for your establishment, as well as an appropriate staging area, ensuring access that allows us to provide service on time, every time!

When our technicians service your account, they will not only pump out the contents of your container, but they will also clean the port entry area and administer absorbents where needed to address any oil spills

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Our Oil Collection Process

Our staff meets with businesses first to assess the oil discharge rates. Based on that rate, we set up an appropriate sized container that you can use to store used oil. With our regular collection schedule, we ensure that your oil is
always picked up on time.

If, in any case, businesses exceed their discharge rates, we will adjust our schedule and capacity for the increased usage. Our team will periodically study your discharge usage and make efficiency improvements if needed.

Turning Used Oil Into Renewable Fuel

After collecting your used cooking oil, we process it into biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel. This fuel burns cleaner in diesel engines than petroleum-based diesel, and helps to keep those engines running longer, while preventing excessive noxious fumes from entering the environment! With Atlantic BioFuels, you can become our partner in building energy independence for a cleaner, bright future!

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Let Us Work on a Better Way To Dispose of Used Oils

To learn more about oil collection services and our mission to produce renewable fuel, please contact our staff at Atlantic BioFuels. We are more than happy to discuss the best solutions for you.