Cleaning Up Waste From Kitchen Hood Systems

Kitchen ducts, filters, and hoods harbor a lot of grease and waste from daily usage. In the food industry, we understand that meeting health departments' rigid inspections and requirements are essential to keep your business and services running.

Atlantic BioFuels cleans and maintains kitchen hoods with a thorough approach. We ensure that all ducts, hoods, and filters are cleaned and sanitized to pass health inspections.

A man is cleaning the ceiling of an industrial building.
A man in white jacket and black gloves sprays water on the wall.

Regular Maintenance of Hood Systems is Key

A clean kitchen hood system is essential to a healthy kitchen. The buildup of grease and grime in your ducts could be a source of contamination, and poses safety threats in terms of kitchen fires. With regular kitchen hood maintenance where solid fuel is used, these situations can easily be avoided!

Our technicians are professionally trained and thorough in our cleaning services, leaving no system unturned.

Keep Your Kitchen Hoods Happy

Kitchen hood maintenance can be a daunting task, so leave the hard part to us. We are happy to discuss the best solutions for your kitchen hood systems - call us today!